Festival Fantastic

Last year I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest at a truly unique wedding; this was the kind of event where I felt a little like Alice in wonderland; falling down a rabbit hole to a secret magical place.  Today at 42nd and Style Street we are super excited to be sharing with you a little glimpse of that very special day as we feature our first real wedding post!!

Ellie and Graeme chose a yurt camp in a forest in the middle of the lovely Exmoor National park in Devon for their festival themed destination wedding…aka ‘Grelliefest’.  This pair are dedicated DIYers, making their own bunting,  guest book, invitations (festival tickets), paper flowers and seating plan to mention just a small selection of their creative outputs.

They executed the festival theme to perfection!  In true festival style, guests at Grelliefest camped (or rather Glamped) in yurts on site for the weekend.  Grelliefest fare over the weekend included traditional local Cornish pasties and cider as well as festival favourites like hog roast and even an old school ice cream cart.

In a creative nod to any festival goers wardrobe essential, wellies; Ellie and Graeme’s chose little coloured wellie boots filled with flowers as their table centrepieces which along with homemade bunting adorned the gorgeous tipi, making it the perfect setting for a festival feast.

Dancing was outdoors under strings of fairy lights to a festival band and at the end of the evening, a little tea light path led guests through the woods to another clearing where the celebrations continued long into the night with guests toasting marshmallows over the campfire, partaking in a little tightrope walking and dancing til the wee hours at a silent disco.

For those couples out there wanting to do something a little different, let Ellie and Graeme be your inspiration – not only was this a pretty unique and amazing wedding but also this was a really great boutique festival.   Congratulations to Ellie and Graeme and thank you for sharing with us. X






Berry Warmth!

Mr 42nd & Style Street and I recently took a trip to New England for a spot of leaf peeping.  This little (BIG) trip was one which had been on my wish list for quite a long time so I had indulged in a lot of research in advance, mostly in the form of looking through gorgeous images of New England scenery on pinterest.  However even the prettiest pictures can’t compare to seeing the Fall colours for real.  Today’s inspiration board for a cranberry and golden colour palette comes from my favourite memories of the New England Fall landscape – beautiful red barns surrounded by golden fields and forests and of course the cranberry bogs of Cape Cod.

Cranberry is one of my all-time favorite colours – the perfect combination of pinky purple, without being too girly and red, without being too bold.  Combined with natural golden wheat, this makes for a beautiful luxurious combination.

Wheat!!! A little underwhelming you may cry but complemented with the warm hues of cranberry, wheat can add a stunning rustic elegance and texture to your scheme.  However choosing a few key elements to incorporate the wheat into your cranberry colour scheme is key to avoiding an over styled look.   Choose simple wheat bouquets for your bridesmaids in their cranberry dresses, a single stalk on your white napkins wrapped with a lush velvet cranberry ribbon or as accents to your floral arrangements on a cake or dessert table.  Scatter cranberries on your tables around your floral arrangements or candles and spoil your guests with cranberry cocktails and red velvet cake.

The lovely soft light of Autumn will make this colour scheme radiate cosiness and warmth for a harvest wedding or dinner party.  X


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The Naked Cake

I love cake; chocolate, carrot, lemon drizzle, shortbread, gateaux, sponge …I’m not fussy, I love them all!! But I’m not crazy on icing. I find the sweetness too much to bear and I can almost feel my teeth ache as I eat it.   So I am overjoyed at the current style trend in the cake world that is the Naked Wedding Cake (i.e. cakes of the un-iced variety).  

Far from being unfinished or plain, the Naked Cake is a most beautiful sight to behold!!!  Spilling with fresh whipped cream or buttercream frosting, dusted with icing sugar or dripping with jam and adorned with flowers and fruit to reflect your colour scheme or season… what’s not to love!

Not only are these cakes tasty and visually GORGEOUS, they can work out so much cheaper than iced cakes because the time involved for icing, smoothing, piping etc. is eliminated.  Also if you fancy a bit of DIY (or Do It Yourself with the help of family & friends) it’s so much easier with the naked cake and what could be more beautiful than serving your own homemade cake to your guests on your special day.

Here’s a roundup of our favourites.  X





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Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside….

The seaside is a magical place; the smell of the salty sea air, the sound of waves lapping against the shore or the call of seagulls and of course the views!   There cannot be any more perfect setting for a perfect wedding than the seaside.  So I’ll admit that I get more than a little excited when I stumble across beautiful seaside weddings or events; be that the classic, charming and laid back glamour of a preppy nautical affair or a breezy, light and bright beach wedding. The backdrop of the ocean really does make for the ultimate beauteous event.    

When planning your seaside wedding the shoreline is really your oyster!! So much of the décor that you need to transform a regular seaside venue into something truly spectacular can be found on romantic strolls by the sea with your partner – we’re thinking jars of sand, pretty seashells, driftwood and even sea shore pebbles and stones.   Add some lanterns to the mix and you are well equipped to create a gorgeous seaside look.  Fill glass vases with sand and add a single flower or candle or fill with your shell collection; scatter seashells, small pieces of driftwood and pretty pebbles amongst the flowers on your tables for a whimsical feel; write your guests names on seashells and use as escort cards or place settings.  

If you are getting married in Ireland, shades of pale pink, lavender and purple flowers work beautifully with a seaside theme as they reflect the natural colour scheme of the flowers that can be found amongst the rocks on our shoreline.  For a more tropical summer seaside feel, coral, aqua or sea foam greens are perfect and of course nothing says nautical quite like blue and navy.








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Glorious Gatsby Glamour

With the highly anticipated release of Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of ‘The Great Gatsby’ merely weeks away now we are working ourselves into a frenzy of excitement about the gorgeous visual feast of Roaring Twenties glamour that no doubt awaits us.  There has been an explosion of so called ‘Speakeasies’ popping up everywhere from D.C. to Dublin and Art Deco style has being rising up the trend barometer with both designers and the high street a like taking influence from the opulence of yesteryear in fashion, interiors and weddings so it’s the perfect time to incorporate some glorious Gatsby glamour into your big day!!

A Gatsby themed wedding is a very glamorous affair!  And a very glamorous affair calls for a very beautiful dress!    Big skirts were not high fashion during the 1920’s so chose a silky slinky number with some beautiful art deco beading if you want to stay on theme.  Most bridal designers have included dresses with a nod to this era in their 2012 and 2013 collections but our darling of the bunch has to be Jenny Packham for the beautiful detail and beading on her collection that is so reminiscent of the era.  A faux bob with finger waves and a beautiful headband will complete the look to perfection. 


Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets of the 1920’s were traditionally very large sprays with a generous trail of leaves and ribbon generally carried overarm rather than in a posie, making modern day bouquets look rather small in comparison.   Such a floral extravagance nowadays could be quite costly so a smaller posie of white or palest peach or pink flowers and greenery would work beautifully.  If you want to add an extra touch of Gatsby to your bouquet add some feather or pearl details to the posie.  For the men folk boutonnières were also kept relatively simple and in light colours.

Use paler floral hues also when carrying through the theme to your table and room décor.   Accessorising tall candelabras with white flowers and dripping pearls creates a stunning centrepiece.  Alternatively add some feathers to low flower arrangements and use strands of faux pearls as napkin rings.   


Using the old school coupe champagne glass, create a champagne tower to greet your guests as they arrive; add a Jazz band; turn the lights down low or use candlelight to accentuate the ambiance and glamour and you and your guests will feel like you have traveled back in time. For the ultimate in 20’s styling add a fringe chandelier and gramophone to the mix.


Wedding Stationary; art deco style of course.  And for the first dance….what else but a Charleston!  x



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The Guestbook

The Wedding Guestbook has been a stable at weddings since time began ….or thereabouts!!!  They are a wonderful way of preserving the best wishes of your guests on your wedding day.  But if you are anything like me, chances are, post wedding, you will pack up your guestbook in a wedding memory box and there it will stay, only to be revisited once in a blue moon.  I’ll admit this makes me a little sad so today we are going to look at the lovely alternatives to the traditional guestbook which can be put to use or proudly displayed in your home.

First up are the ones that you can hang up!

Create a pretty work of art for your home together by getting your guests to write their messages on a canvas instead of in a book on your wedding day.  This is a super simple idea which is so easy to customise – in place of the ‘LOVE’ on the image below, you could add a heart, your initials, your wedding date, a picture…the list is as endless as your creativity.

The Fingerprint Guestbook, a popular feature on American Bridal blogs, is another great alternative to the traditional guestbook which can also be displayed as a beautiful piece of art.  Get your guests to stamp a colourful thumb print on a customised poster (or canvas) which you can frame afterwards.  If you aren’t blessed with talents in art, this offering is increasingly becoming available from wedding stationary vendors.  Just remember to provide some damp cloths nearby for your guests to wipe their painted paws.

My favourite of this selection is the gorgeous guestbook plate option … lovely vintage china plates adorned with heartfelt wishes from your nearest and dearest…. what could be more beautiful!!!


If you and your husband-to-be are old school games night kind of folk, why not have your guests sign puzzles or games.  There is a huge variety of personalised wooden wedding puzzles available online from ‘Etsy’ and ‘Not on the high street’ however as a huge Jenga fan, my big time love is saved for the Jenga ‘guestbook’.  Personalise a standard Jenga block by asking guests to write their well wishes or advice on the pieces and you can have fun and reminisce every time you play.  LOVE!!


Of course the guestbook need not just be about recording well wishes!  Why not ask your guest to provide tips and advice which you can use as a practical reference in your married life; maybe they can provide some unique ideas for date night or tips for a successful marriage or share their favourite recipes or travel destinations.  You can have your guests record these on coasters, maps, recipe cards or on just about anything that you can write on!  A beautiful point of reference created especially for you.  X



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The Emerald City

I have an odd sort of relationship with the colour Green; I love it, I love wearing it, it suits my pale skin tone but yet I was hesitant in proclaiming green as my favourite colour because being Irish it seemed a little too cliché.   So upon hearing that Emerald Green has been hailed as the Pantone colour of the year 2013, I was overjoyed as I can justify indulging in a little green frenzy of gorgeousness!!!

Pantone, the experts in all things colour, have described Emerald Green as ‘… a colour of elegance and beauty’ and I whole-heartily agree!  Emerald green evokes luxury and glamour like no other.  Recall how that amazing green backless dress that Keira Knightly wore in Atonement (also voted best costume of all time by Sky Movies and readers of In Style) was reminiscent of serious old style Hollywood glamour.

The possibilities of colour schemes to go with Emerald green for your wedding are endless; mix with chocolate brown and ivory for a country rustic look or with chartreuse and paler green tones for a lively comtemporary colour scheme.  However two of my favourite colour palettes have to be using Emerald with either tones of gold and candlelight for a romantic vintage look or with paler colours which enhance the vividness of the green, such as with crisp white or palest pink.

If you are trying to create some old style glamour and romance, team your emerald with golden hues.  Steep your venue in deepest coloured greenery and use low lighting and candles to create ambiance   Distressed gold vintage vases, tall candelabra, gold rimmed mirrors or glasses and gold cutlery will all add to the opulence. Dress your maids in green chiffon or if you dare, some green sequins.  Your pops of Emerald will twinkle like gorgeous gemstones!

For a crisper look, pair your emerald green with white or paler pink linens and flowers.  This lovely fresh look works really well for spring or summer weddings.  Use an abundance of lush dark greenery and add pale pink or white roses sparingly. Similarly use a mix of lush greenery, succulents and white roses for your bouquet. Dress your maids in floaty green chiffon or matte fabrics rather than high sheen fabrics.  Clean, crisp and pretty as a picture.  X



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A Little Something for your Valentine

If you’re saving for your wedding chances are you may be skipping expensive Valentine’s Day treats this year so we are here to lend a helping hand with our top 5 simple romantic ideas that won’t cost the earth.

1.  The simple Jammie Dodger and a hot chocolate/coffee with cream.  A tasty sugar rush with love. (p.s. serve the Jammie Dodgers on a plate and not in the packet!)


2.  A jam jar full of love hearts; Wrap it with a ribbon, pop a love note on and you’re good to go.  Or for extra brownie points insert a jam jar inside a bigger vase; fill the vase with love hearts and the smaller jar with some gorgeous coloured tulips. Flowers and candy in one easy gift!


3. Send your loved one off to work with a packed lunch – heart shaped sandwiches.  Ah the Romance!


4.  The home made Valentine’s card – always a winner.


5.  The ultimate romantic gesture for the price of a packet of post-its (preferably pink or red not the yellow ones you took from work!).  Make a post-it note heart and on each one write something you love about your partner.


 Happy Valentines Day xx

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A Gold Rush

The inspiration for today’s blog came from a very unlikely source….. the humble fork! I recently stumbled across a beautiful gold fork and got to thinking all things ‘gold’.  My gold crush intensified when I spotted Penelope Cruz in that fabulous sparkly L’Wren Scott gown she wore to the Bond premiere and I literally had to hold myself back from rushing out and spending my every last penny on golden treats!!

Gold evokes thoughts of luxury, glamour and opulence; think the Hall or Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles or the magnificent Palaces of St. Petersburg.  So why not add a little bit of this glamour and sparkle to your wedding day?  Even the simplest tablescape could be enhanced by replacing regular silverware with beautiful warm gold cutlery.


Add some gold frosted tea light holders, gold trimmed glassware and candles and you are well on your way to creating a stunning sophisticated setting.  Keep a clean contemporary feel by adding white linens and white flowers; team with black, red or burgundy for a dark and elegant theme or create a fresh yet grown up feel with pops of teal, orange or pink.





Of course if you want the ultimate sparkle, just add more gold!

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A Striped Affair…

I love stripes! Black and White are my favourite.  They remind me of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, of Mary Quant and the swinging 60’s, of nautical life, of glass jars full of candy bulls eyes and of a beautiful skirt that I bought simply because I loved it’s stripes even though it has always been many sizes too small for me.

Stripes are cool, stripes are sharp, stripes are bold and best of all stripes are back on the catwalk thanks to Marc Jacobs, Oscar de le Renta and Tommy Hilfiger.

So given my penchant for the stripe, I love the idea of a black and white stripy wedding!

But before we start…a word of warning. The downside of stripes of course is that they can cause dizziness when overdone and assuming that you wouldn’t want to cause your guests any discomfort the key to keeping it classy is the old adage ‘less is more’.

For a truly stunning stripy spectacle you should only accessorise with stripes rather than decorate… Ribbon is your friend because it can quite literally tie your theme together.  Wrap your bouquets, cake or napkins in some gorgeous stripy ribbon or a stripy sash around your waist.

Black and white table runners create a really amazing visual impact especially when decorated with colourful blooms.  Or if you are choosing plain white table linens a striped napkin at each place setting can have a similar effect.

Your wedding stationary too can continue the theme with stripy invite sleeves, envelopes and menus or how about black and white stripe napkin menu rings.

And not forgetting the groom and his men, perhaps some stripy bow ties or handkerchiefs.  x






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