Berry Warmth!

Mr 42nd & Style Street and I recently took a trip to New England for a spot of leaf peeping.  This little (BIG) trip was one which had been on my wish list for quite a long time so I had indulged in a lot of research in advance, mostly in the form of looking through gorgeous images of New England scenery on pinterest.  However even the prettiest pictures can’t compare to seeing the Fall colours for real.  Today’s inspiration board for a cranberry and golden colour palette comes from my favourite memories of the New England Fall landscape – beautiful red barns surrounded by golden fields and forests and of course the cranberry bogs of Cape Cod.

Cranberry is one of my all-time favorite colours – the perfect combination of pinky purple, without being too girly and red, without being too bold.  Combined with natural golden wheat, this makes for a beautiful luxurious combination.

Wheat!!! A little underwhelming you may cry but complemented with the warm hues of cranberry, wheat can add a stunning rustic elegance and texture to your scheme.  However choosing a few key elements to incorporate the wheat into your cranberry colour scheme is key to avoiding an over styled look.   Choose simple wheat bouquets for your bridesmaids in their cranberry dresses, a single stalk on your white napkins wrapped with a lush velvet cranberry ribbon or as accents to your floral arrangements on a cake or dessert table.  Scatter cranberries on your tables around your floral arrangements or candles and spoil your guests with cranberry cocktails and red velvet cake.

The lovely soft light of Autumn will make this colour scheme radiate cosiness and warmth for a harvest wedding or dinner party.  X


Image Credits:

Cranberry Margarita; Ring in cranberries;  Love letters; Wheat;  Cranberry dress & wheat bouquet;  Table scape; Wooden beads


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