The Naked Cake

I love cake; chocolate, carrot, lemon drizzle, shortbread, gateaux, sponge …I’m not fussy, I love them all!! But I’m not crazy on icing. I find the sweetness too much to bear and I can almost feel my teeth ache as I eat it.   So I am overjoyed at the current style trend in the cake world that is the Naked Wedding Cake (i.e. cakes of the un-iced variety).  

Far from being unfinished or plain, the Naked Cake is a most beautiful sight to behold!!!  Spilling with fresh whipped cream or buttercream frosting, dusted with icing sugar or dripping with jam and adorned with flowers and fruit to reflect your colour scheme or season… what’s not to love!

Not only are these cakes tasty and visually GORGEOUS, they can work out so much cheaper than iced cakes because the time involved for icing, smoothing, piping etc. is eliminated.  Also if you fancy a bit of DIY (or Do It Yourself with the help of family & friends) it’s so much easier with the naked cake and what could be more beautiful than serving your own homemade cake to your guests on your special day.

Here’s a roundup of our favourites.  X





Row 1 L to R:,,

Row 2 L to R:,, Photo by White Wall Photography via

Row 3 L to R:,, photo by,




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