The Emerald City

I have an odd sort of relationship with the colour Green; I love it, I love wearing it, it suits my pale skin tone but yet I was hesitant in proclaiming green as my favourite colour because being Irish it seemed a little too cliché.   So upon hearing that Emerald Green has been hailed as the Pantone colour of the year 2013, I was overjoyed as I can justify indulging in a little green frenzy of gorgeousness!!!

Pantone, the experts in all things colour, have described Emerald Green as ‘… a colour of elegance and beauty’ and I whole-heartily agree!  Emerald green evokes luxury and glamour like no other.  Recall how that amazing green backless dress that Keira Knightly wore in Atonement (also voted best costume of all time by Sky Movies and readers of In Style) was reminiscent of serious old style Hollywood glamour.

The possibilities of colour schemes to go with Emerald green for your wedding are endless; mix with chocolate brown and ivory for a country rustic look or with chartreuse and paler green tones for a lively comtemporary colour scheme.  However two of my favourite colour palettes have to be using Emerald with either tones of gold and candlelight for a romantic vintage look or with paler colours which enhance the vividness of the green, such as with crisp white or palest pink.

If you are trying to create some old style glamour and romance, team your emerald with golden hues.  Steep your venue in deepest coloured greenery and use low lighting and candles to create ambiance   Distressed gold vintage vases, tall candelabra, gold rimmed mirrors or glasses and gold cutlery will all add to the opulence. Dress your maids in green chiffon or if you dare, some green sequins.  Your pops of Emerald will twinkle like gorgeous gemstones!

For a crisper look, pair your emerald green with white or paler pink linens and flowers.  This lovely fresh look works really well for spring or summer weddings.  Use an abundance of lush dark greenery and add pale pink or white roses sparingly. Similarly use a mix of lush greenery, succulents and white roses for your bouquet. Dress your maids in floaty green chiffon or matte fabrics rather than high sheen fabrics.  Clean, crisp and pretty as a picture.  X



Row 1:,

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Row 3: , Ellie Saab from (photographer unknown)

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