Here comes the Bridesmaid… part one!

OK Brides-to-be, so it’s your wedding and you are the most important person on the day, along with your Groom of course, but given that you have tasked some of your most beloved ladies with the responsibility of helping you get to this special place it’s important that you try to make them happy in return so for the next couple of posts it’s all about the Bridesmaids!

A nice place to start to make your maids feel special is in the asking!  There are loads and loads of gorgeous ‘Be my Bridesmaid’ cards out there which are a lovely way to formally invite your ladies on-board.  Post them for that extra special surprise….I mean who doesn’t love getting post??  Etsy has a huge selection of beautiful cards, of which we’ve picked some of our favorites below.


For customised Bridesmaid Invitations, check out ‘Pretty as a Picture’ based in Co. Wicklow, where you can get custom illustrated cards based on pictures of your maids.


If you are asking you maids in person, a nice touch is to have a little gift or a Bridesmaids kit to go along with the card.   Make up a little hamper with a Bridesmaids survival book, a scrap book of your wedding inspirations and some little travel sized cosmetic goodies, chocolates or mini bottles of champagne.


For the morning of your wedding why not treat the girls to some pretty robes so that you can all look your best in ‘hair and make-up’ when the Photographer arrives.  Plum Pretty Sugar ( has a huge selection of Bridal and Bridesmaid robes and ‘lil getting ready dress sets’ which can be ordered online or check out high street stores like Penny’s if you are working with a more modest budget.  These will not only look gorgeous for the pre-wedding photo shoots but also are very practical for getting on and off without messing up hair and make-up.


With all these lovely treats, your bridesmaids are sure to be feeling very special indeed so the last little touch will be the icing on the cake!  If you have a long distance to travel between your ceremony and reception venue or if you plan lots of photos away from the main reception venue why not pack some bridesmaid goodie boxes in their transport to keep your maids hydrated and keep hunger at bay.  A bottle of water, some crackers and grapes would be perfect; not only can they be packed up the day before your wedding day but they not at all messy to eat on the go.


Result:  Some very happy Bridesmaids.  x


Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:

Row 4:

Row 5:


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