A Striped Affair…

I love stripes! Black and White are my favourite.  They remind me of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, of Mary Quant and the swinging 60’s, of nautical life, of glass jars full of candy bulls eyes and of a beautiful skirt that I bought simply because I loved it’s stripes even though it has always been many sizes too small for me.

Stripes are cool, stripes are sharp, stripes are bold and best of all stripes are back on the catwalk thanks to Marc Jacobs, Oscar de le Renta and Tommy Hilfiger.

So given my penchant for the stripe, I love the idea of a black and white stripy wedding!

But before we start…a word of warning. The downside of stripes of course is that they can cause dizziness when overdone and assuming that you wouldn’t want to cause your guests any discomfort the key to keeping it classy is the old adage ‘less is more’.

For a truly stunning stripy spectacle you should only accessorise with stripes rather than decorate… Ribbon is your friend because it can quite literally tie your theme together.  Wrap your bouquets, cake or napkins in some gorgeous stripy ribbon or a stripy sash around your waist.

Black and white table runners create a really amazing visual impact especially when decorated with colourful blooms.  Or if you are choosing plain white table linens a striped napkin at each place setting can have a similar effect.

Your wedding stationary too can continue the theme with stripy invite sleeves, envelopes and menus or how about black and white stripe napkin menu rings.

And not forgetting the groom and his men, perhaps some stripy bow ties or handkerchiefs.  x






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