A Little Something for your Valentine

If you’re saving for your wedding chances are you may be skipping expensive Valentine’s Day treats this year so we are here to lend a helping hand with our top 5 simple romantic ideas that won’t cost the earth.

1.  The simple Jammie Dodger and a hot chocolate/coffee with cream.  A tasty sugar rush with love. (p.s. serve the Jammie Dodgers on a plate and not in the packet!)


2.  A jam jar full of love hearts; Wrap it with a ribbon, pop a love note on and you’re good to go.  Or for extra brownie points insert a jam jar inside a bigger vase; fill the vase with love hearts and the smaller jar with some gorgeous coloured tulips. Flowers and candy in one easy gift!


3. Send your loved one off to work with a packed lunch – heart shaped sandwiches.  Ah the Romance!


4.  The home made Valentine’s card – always a winner.


5.  The ultimate romantic gesture for the price of a packet of post-its (preferably pink or red not the yellow ones you took from work!).  Make a post-it note heart and on each one write something you love about your partner.


 Happy Valentines Day xx

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